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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept insurance?
    We are self-pay only. ​ We provide an itemized receipt (superbill) that you can send to your private insurance company. For patients in Colorado, we partner with Advekit to support using your out of network benefits. Some families partner with a grant-supporting organization (church, EAP, etc) to cover the cost of therapy.
  • What is a superbill for insurance?
    It's an official receipt that you can submit to your insurance for some amount of coverage. The superbill will have a code for what type of therapy took place and how long it was. Typically this code is 90834. ​ When you submit to your insurance, they will not generally pay the full amount. They will calculate the amount they generally cover for therapy, then send you a percentage of that based on your individual plan. ​ Please check with your insurer to inquire about your out-of-network coverage.
  • How long is a therapy session?
    The first time we meet a family, we want to spend time getting to know you. These visits are generally 60 minutes. Part of the time is parents and child/adolescent together, and part of it is with each separately. ​ Later visits are scheduled for 45 minutes.
  • Do you see patients in person or through telehealth?
    We see patients both in person and via telehealth. We have patients that prefer all one way of seeing us and some patients that like to come in sometimes and do telehealth on other days.
  • Do you offer scholarship rates?
    We are very happy to share that we have a few specific grants to offer scholarships for therapy. Currently, we are offering no-cost appointments to adolescents that identify as LGBTQIA+ who live in a rural county in Utah that have presenting medical concerns when referred by your MD, funded by a grant through the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs. Please reach out to us for questions about this grant funding. ​ Please contact us directly to discuss any concerns you have about affordability of therapy.
  • Do you write letters of support for hormone therapy and surgery?
    Following WPATH guidelines, we are happy to meet with you and your family to help you prepare for this major medical step. ​ Due to the importance of ongoing mental health care through the gender journey, we do not offer single session consults for letters of support for hormone therapy to adolescents. ​ We meet with families at least twice prior to writing a letter to adequately help prepare you for this medical step. We expect to continue to be your mental health provider once you start hormones as well. This does not mean weekly therapy - but does mean initial check-ins to continue to support and then follow up as needed. ​ For young adults needing a second letter of support prior to surgery, please contact our office to discuss your specific situation. ​
  • Can your office accommodate folks with mobility concerns?
    Unfortunately, our office building has a single flight of stairs with no elevator. Affordable office space is difficult to find and we hope to find a space that meets all of our patients' needs in the future. With adequate preparation, we can utilize a shared space in the building, but it's not set up to be as cozy and nice as our main office. We do offer telehealth, a modality which many of our patients with mobility concerns choose to utilize.
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