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Meet Our Provider
Dr. Jessica Robnett

Dr. Robnett sees patients from birth to early adulthood as well as their parents. 

Patients come to see her with primary concerns such as trouble completing medical treatments or taking medicines, mood concerns related to complex medical presentations, and parenting a child with medical complexity. 

Dr. Robnett is also passionate about helping gender-diverse children and youth who are seeking gender-affirming medical intervention. 


She has extensive work experience in pulmonology and adolescent medicine. She has also seen patients across all subspecialties of pediatric medicine including solid organ transplant, gastroenterology, neurology, medical rehabilitation, cardiology, nephrology, endocrine, and differences of sexual development. 

Dr. Jessica Robnett received her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology with practicum training at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and research experience through Emory University. She completed her internship at Miami Children's Hospital and postdoctoral fellowship at Primary Children's Hospital, specializing in Pediatric Psychology.

Dr. Robnett was on faculty as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine in the Division of Pediatric Behavioral Medicine until 2022. She maintains staff privileges at Primary Children's Hospital.


Dr. Robnett's research interests have included mental health in pediatric cystic fibrosis and integration of Behavioral Health services into subspecialty clinics.

Dr. Robnett is a licensed clinical psychologist in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

She also holds a PsyPact EPassport credential allowing her to practice telehealth in Utah and 29 other states across the US.

She is a member of the APA, Division 54 (Pediatric Psychology), WPATH, and the LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah

Jessica Robnett, PsyD

Jessica Robnett, PsyD

Executive Director

Diane Haberman

Diane Haberman, MSW

Founding Director

Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton, DNP

Founding Director

Chelsey Zaugg

Chelsey Zaugg

Founding Director

Our Directors

Our Board Of Directors

Our board came together in 2021 with the vision of creating a space outside the hospital for children with medical conditions to get mental health care.

Our board consists of 4 women who come from a variety of healthcare and business backgrounds -- all devoted to improving the lives of children.

Girls in White Dresses

We are parents. We are human. We know what it is to struggle. 

We also know how valuable it can be to have someone that listens, supports, and stands by you.

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